How to do Morning Makeup in Minutes: Tips for a Fast Face

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It might not be a bad idea to include this product in your morning makeup routine. Foundation helps to even out your skin tone, hide imperfections, and protect your skin from daily exposure to the sun and other environmental hazards.

When considering a foundation for a fast face, instead of the traditional liquid foundation, you may want to opt for a loose mineral powder foundation that can be applied just before bronzer, or even a tinted moisturizer.

Quick Application Tip: For loose mineral powder, use either a brush or makeup sponge and press against the foundation sifter holes. Tap the excess powder back into the container and use circular motions to brush the foundation onto your face. Start at your nose, chin and forehead then work your way outward. You don't need much. Tip: Applying loose mineral foundation a few minutes after your moisturizer will help it stick to your face, creating a longer-lasting look.

For tinted moisturizer, gently squeeze a little on to your hands and apply as you would a regular moisturizer. Rub in well, and wash your hands when done.

At the Store: Making sure your foundation matches your skin tone is extremely important. Selecting a wrong shade can give you a ghostly pallor or an orange line along the jaw. To test the foundation, try some on the top of your hand then, if it blends in, try it on your face.