Super Summer Hairstyles

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Summer Hairstyles for Every Occasion 

Summer is a busy time when trying to fit in outdoor activities like boat rides, day trips, and relaxing days at the lake, beach or pool. There is a super hairstyle for every summer occasion -- it just takes a little trial and error to see which ones work best for you. 

Short and Sassy 

Possibly the best super summer hairstyle is a short and sassy look. While a sleek, short style is easier to manage in the hot summer months, going from long locks to a short hairdo is something that deserves considerable thought. According to Kyle White, a senior colorist at New York's Oscar Blandi salon, told MarieClare.com, avoid making changes on a whim. "Sometimes it helps bring out what she's feeling inside – or how she wants to feel," he said, but a change in cut or color stays with you for a while, so be sure it is a decision you are happy with. 

Pony Up 

If a short haircut is too drastic, focus on getting longer locks up off the neck and keeping them off of your face, especially if you are active in sports, work in hot conditions or like to ride around with the top down on your sports car. Pulling your hair into a high ponytail, low ponytail or even a side-swept ponytail can be done in a loose, carefree way, or a sleek, business fashion.