What Is the Treatment for Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss?

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The Emotional Impact of Hair Loss 

Sometimes, treatment for telogen effluvium is as simple as waiting out the cycle of hair growth. This can be easier said than done because losing hair can be emotional for some. Waiting for it to grow back seems to take forever, and losing self-esteem is common. 

Hair loss, in extreme cases, has a huge emotional impact. It can take a toll on a person's self-esteem because it clearly has an impact on how they look and feel. While using hats, scarves and wigs may help, they cannot replace the look and feel or real, natural hair. The stress and anxiety over losing hair is counteractive to re-growing the hair. According to a 2013 study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, the best treatment is "primarily reassurance and counseling." The goal is to address the person's fears and concerns to make the adjustment more bearable. 

More research is needed to understand telogen effluvium and the reason for the extreme hair loss. The cycles of hair growth need further explanation so better treatment plans can be established to help people who experience the stress of losing large quantities of hair. In the meantime, the most common treatment is no treatment at all. Waiting out the cycle of abnormally high dormant hair follicles is the best way to treat telogen effluvium hair loss.