Push-up Bra Reviews

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While our breasts are private parts, hidden under clothes all day long, they have a strong effect on how we're viewed by the world. The size and shape of breasts make a difference in how our clothes fit, how our bodies feel, and how we feel about ourselves.

Body type trends fluctuate a great deal. In the 1920's, flat-chested flapper girls were the bee's knees, while in the 1950's bodacious curves were the stuff pin-ups were made of. We're lucky to live in a time that celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes, one in which women have many options for playing up their favorite features.

Push- up bras have been part of the Western woman's wardrobe for four decades. While bra styles had been evolving toward a more supportive and structured look since the 1930's, a true push-up didn't come along until Canadian Louise Poirier unveiled the WonderBra in 1964. It was designed to add lift and shape under dresses and sweaters.

Today, just about every major lingerie brand has its own version of the Wonder Bra, each promising to give you the cleavage of your dreams along with sexy style and ultimate comfort. It can be difficult to decide which push-up bra would be best for you, especially when they all look so similar.