Push-up Bra Reviews

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Wonder Bra is the original push-up bra, and it's still creating innovative and sexy designs for every shape and occasion. Some standouts from this brand: The super-smooth Full of Wonder T-shirt Bra ($34) is made to fill out your form when worn under casual clothes. It sports a cute girly design accentuated with miniature bows and thin straps. The Commitment-Phobe bra ($34) isn't calling you out on your relationship habits; it's offering you the alternative to go strapless with ultra-convenient detachable straps. It's great for occasions that call for a slinky halter or bare-shoulder dress.

Maidenform's Feeling Sexy Ultimate Gel Push Up Bra ($22-$34) offers soft, gel-filled cups for natural-looking bust enhancement. It's comfortable, affordable, and practical. While it isn't a bra for someone interested in the extreme cleavage effect, it does a great job adding fullness to your form.

What would a discussion about push-up bras be without a nod to Victoria's Secret? They encourage women to unleash their inner vixen with products like the new V-Plunge Push-up ($52), a bra that begs to be worn with your most daring necklines. It features a deep-plunge shape and structured cups that lift and beautifully enhance the bust line. While reviews of this and other products from Victoria's Secret are generally positive, the cost of the products seems to be a concern to buyers. Many feel they could have gotten a similar bra for a lower price. However, Victoria's Secret does offer a huge selection, and the shopping experience can be crazy fun, so you might want to check it out if you can afford the splurge.