Rock Your Halloween Costume

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Anybody can walk into a Halloween costume store and plop down $50 for a generic costume-in-a-bag and be ready to go as anything from a sexy stewardess or French maid to a cute Cookie Monster or Tootsie Roll. But where's the fun in that?

This Halloween, with a bit of planning and creativity, you can rock a costume that is cute, sexy and original - not to mention bargain priced! Rather than risk showing up at your fright night fest in the same "naughty nurse" costume as five other women, try one of the ideas below for a (relatively) cheap and easy way to rock your Halloween costume.

Travel Back In Time

Halloween gives adults the chance to play dress-up and explore any era that catches their fancy. Whether you deck yourself out in a campy cavewoman costume (furry boots, "bone earrings" and a stylish fur vest) or an '80s material girl (fingerless lace gloves, off-the-shoulder top and big blonde hair) time-traveling costumes are always a hit. Below are a few ideas on how to travel back in time in style: