Shoe Repairs You Can Do

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Damaging your favorite pair of shoes can be a nightmare, especially if you paid big bucks and expected them to last a few years. Accidents happen, and whether it's a snapped heel or a scuffed top, shoes take a lot of damage before they're ready to retire.

In most shoe emergencies you've got two choices: toss or repair. But many shoe injuries are quite fixable, especially if the rest of the shoe isn't ready for the footwear graveyard. But finding a shoe repair shop may be difficult and, depending on the nature of the repair, you may pay almost as much as the shoe cost!

Luckily, many basic kinds of shoe causalities can be resolved at home using easily obtained items - some of which may be in your house already.

Cracks and Splits in Your Sole

If the entire bottom of your shoe is coming off, that may be a sign to consider a replacement, no matter how much you love your footwear. When you're dealing with a simple crack or split, home repair is an option. "Shoe Goo" is an easily found adhesive designed for shoes made from common materials - leather, rubber, some plastics.