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Mousse is a versatile foam hair-styling product that can be used on most hair types with great success. When it's first dispensed from its aerosol housing, mousse is a foam that closely resembles delicate whipped cream - but once you put it in your hair, it magically disappears while amping up the volume.

Mousse comes in a few varieties, and can be used on curly hair, straight hair and especially on hair in need of a little volume. You can buy inexpensive mousse at essentially any drugstore, or you can select moderately priced mousse at the salon. Apply mousse to wet hair and allow it to air dry, and you'll sport a "wet" look throughout the day. This is a common look with curly hair, and can actually feel crunchy to the touch.

For a softer effect, apply mousse to wet hair and then blow dry. This helps give hair a boost in the volume department, and allows you a bit more control over your style.

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair or fine hair, there's a mousse out there for you. Hair length also does not matter. One word to the wise: if you have naturally dry hair and you want to try mousse, make sure to get one that does not contain alcohol, but instead, is rich in vitamins and natural conditioners.