Your Guide to Control Undergarments

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The first thing many of us think of when it comes to control undergarments is Spanx, the brand made famous by celebrities like Salma Hayek, Oprah, and Meg Ryan. Or maybe skin-tight shorts eerily similar to the biker spandex look made famous in the "80s come to mind.

While those slimmers do work wonders, there's much, much more to control undergarments. Some women may wear control undergarments only on special occasions, squeezing into a dress that hugs in all the right places. But many control undergarments can be worn every day, to add firmness to your bust, or cinch your midsection and dreaded back bulge. They can also aid posture and help support your back and stomach. Some of the most popular control undergarments today come in the form of seamless body shapers with laser cut edges, which avoid unsightly lines and offer optimum comfort.

The key to finding the ideal control undergarment is to avoid products that dig into your stomach or back. You'll want to avoid shapers that make it obvious you're sporting a body slimmer. If you're able to try them on in a fitting room, bring that cute skirt or dress you've been waiting to wear to make sure lines don't show.