Nail Polish Product Review

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  • If you're going out for the evening, pick more dramatic, deep colors, or those with added shimmer.
  • Manicures aren't just about the nail polish. Remember the base coat and topcoat, which help the nail polish to go on smoothly and last longer. Any nail polish will look better on well-shaped nails. Pick a style that complements your hand and finger shape, and don't forget to care for those cuticles!
  • If you want to do something different, you can try the new matte finish nail polish. It's comparable to "flat" wall paint, and gives nails an edgy, interesting look.
  • When deciding on colors, you should take your skin tone and clothing choices into consideration, but above all go with your gut. Sometimes there's a nail color you simply have to have.

Nail polish is most easily evaluated by brand, since each brand has its own marketing image and specialty. Not every nail polish from a well-known maker will live up to your expectations; you need to shop around to find out.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen has been a leading nail care company for decades. They've done a great job updating their image and moving with the times, offering a wide range of nail and hand care products many women wouldn't do without. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural is a nice all-around product. If you're trying to grow your nails, Hard As Nails can help by providing your nails with strength and protection. Some people like using it as a base or topcoat along with their nail color, or it can be used alone. It has a subtle, clear-pink tint that gives your natural nails a healthy glow.