Product Reviews: Lip Plumpers

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Celebrities know the secret to looking younger, sexier and more glamorous: a pair of plump, luscious lips. Full lips help add depth and drama to a face, and beautifully showcase lipstick or gloss. It's no wonder collagen injections are one of the first cosmetic enhancements famous ladies go for - sometimes while they're still in their 20s.

Surgical procedures to plump up lips can be expensive and painful, and the results can vary. Most of us have seen the result of a lip enhancement gone wrong, and it isn't pretty. Luckily, there are products to help you achieve that pouty, bee-stung look without all the hassle and expense.

Lip plumpers have been around for quite awhile, and even if you've already tried one, it could be worth another look. There's more than one kind of lip plumper available. Some work by mildly irritating the surface of the lips with natural spicy ingredients like cinnamon.

Other plumpers create the illusion of fuller lips by providing a base that enhances lipstick and liner. Finally, there are products claiming to improve the look of your lips over time by infusing them with compounds that increase collagen production. In the last few years, cosmetics companies have taken lip plumpers to the next level - some with prices to match.