Common Baby Conditions

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Kids come out of the womb with some strange-looking markings sometimes. The good news is that there's usually nothing wrong with a newborn that has a strange-looking skin condition. Here are a few marks and characteristics you might see in a new baby. Mongolian spots -- flat, grayish round marks that may resemble a bruise - are common in darker-skinned babies. They're harmless and fade in time. New moms should simply let pediatricians know they're there so that it's noted not to be a bruise in the child's chart. The "stork bite" or "angel's kiss" is a reddish area that may appear between the eyes, at the base of the skull or in other places. They're also not harmful, and they usually disappear within the first year. Learning to focus those brand-new eyes is a task that newborns must master, and until then, it may look as if the child's eyes are crossed. Alert the pediatrician and keep abreast of the situation as the child grows; it's usually nothing to worry about. In the womb, babies's skin is protected by a layer called the vernix, which disappears after birth.