Am I In Love?

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The key is to fight that feeling with plenty of self-discipline. As tempting as it may be to get intimate with that special someone, Dr. Kirschner urges individuals to have at least two months of consistently improving contact before you decide whether to have sex with a person. Within in a couple of months, you should be seeing more openness and experiencing a majority of the tell-tale signs listed above.

The Dating Game
Dr. Kirschner also swears by her "dating of three" strategy. She recommends that women date three guys at the same time to avoid falling head over heels with any particular person before you really know him. It also happens to be a technique that prevents women from getting over-involved and too serious too soon. The one stipulation? No nookie.

"The dating program of three tends to stop you from getting over-involved with one guy to begin with. If there's one out of the three that you date for over two months that gets better, then consider dropping the other two. It's great to date three guys at the same time. Sure, there's a little kissing and canoodling, but you're not having sex with all three, so it really balances it out. You don't spend too much time with any one guy too soon and you're protecting yourself."