Hills' Hottie Shares Cellulite-Fighting Secrets

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The Hills are still alive with Lo Bosworth and the sounds of her cellulite-fighting secrets. You may not live in The Hills, but the picture-perfect reality star wants you to know that you can be as bikini-confident as she and her costars. Even though the blonde bombshell is just 23 years old, Lo has the same problem as 90 percent of women - and that plaguing problem is cellulite.

The reality star's stint on The Hills may have ended with the show's finale on July 13, but the day also marked new beginnings for the MTV staple. She's now kicking off her new ventures as both an author and Web site guru. Lo sat down with MyDailyMoment.com to talk about her latest plans, along with what she's doing to feel better in her bikini while constantly surrounded by those ever-present paparazzi.

Lo Bosworth is the quintessential California girl, who spent her late teens and early 20s in the limelight of the MTV shows Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its popular spinoff, The Hills. She has plenty of projects in the pipeline after the show, but this summer, Lo has turned her focus to her health, appearance and self-image.