Shape Up the Shaq Way

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It may seem like an odd fit - the super-sized basketball guru and what amounts to an ego-boosting fat camp for kids, but that's exactly what Shaq set his sights on with his ABC show Shaq's Big Challenge, which aired last summer. And he speaks from experience.

With his towering stature, Shaq is off the charts when it comes to height and weight. For years, he's made it his mission to maintain a healthy weight. With the help of personal trainers and nutritionists he's managed to stay on the fast track to physical fitness. But he knows better than anyone that the road can be rough... and now he's reaching out to families everywhere to inspire them to change their eating and exercising ways.

Through Shaq's Family Challenge, the father of six has recruited a team of leading experts to help fight the fat. Playing for his team are Today show nutrition guru Joy Baeur, celebrity chef Tyler Florence, motivational speaker Dale Brown, physician and trainer Carlon Colker, personal trainer Tarik Tyler and others. Using a combination of healthy eating, regular exercise and motivation, Shaq coached the youngsters on his show to shed the baby fat that's been weighing them down.

In this exclusive, Shaq sits down and talks about the childhood obesity crisis, his role in helping kids battle the bulge and his new campaign for healthy families.