How To Do a Perfect Crunch

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2. Pushing the small of your back into the floor, slowly curl your upper torso up towards your knees, raising your shoulder blades (but not your lower back) off the ground. Hold for a second. Lower to the starting position, but do not relax between repetitions.

Don't hold your breath. Exhale as you crunch forwards, inhale as you lower yourself to the starting position.

Crossover Crunches:

1. Assume the same starting position as for the basic crunches. If you cross your arms over your chest on crunches, make sure you have your hands at your temple or cupped behind your ears for these, elbows to the side of your head. Raise shoulders off the floor, curling your torso up towards your knee.

2. Twist your trunk slightly so that your left elbow points towards your right knee. Hold for a second, return to the starting position without relaxing your abdominal muscles, then repeat, raising your right elbow towards your left knee. Continue alternating.

Oblique Crunches:

These provide an extra dose of exertion to the obliques.

1. Lie flat on your back, hands at your temples or cupped behind your ears. Let your legs fall to the right side, so that your upper body remains flat on the floor while your lower body lies on its side.