Free Foods and Drinks for Dieters

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by Elizabeth Kelly

Sometimes it seems like the secret to successful dieting hinges on just a few seconds of your day. You've been so good: writing in your food journal, sticking to the plan, passing up the office snacks. Then it happens. It may be that moment when you get home from work, or just a fleeting thought while you're watching TV. You're craving something, and you're craving it now.

Don't let a few seconds ruin the hard work you've done all day, week or month. Satisfy your need to chew, savor or sip with one of these foods and drinks that are either calorie-free or extremely close. With numbers this low, you can add these free foods to any diet plan without sabotaging your hard-earned weight loss, and satisfy your craving until you regain control again.

1. Water: Try sipping water immediately, as soon as you feel a craving. The full feeling might make the hunger pass, and you'll be adding to the eight glasses a day dieters should be getting. Add a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange juice for extra zest.

2. Sugar-Free Gum: Sometimes what you really have is an urge to chew, especially if you've been living on soups and diet shakes. Pop a piece of sugar-free gum (usually 5 calories or less) and give your jaws a much-needed workout.