Keurig Brewing System: Catch the Buzz!

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Tired of standing in front of the coffee maker, willing it to brew faster? When you're ready for that first hit of caffeine in the morning, there's nothing more excruciating than the preparation - fumbling with those sticky paper filters, measuring out the coffee and pouring in the water for a not-that-great-tasting cup that takes forever to drip into the pot. And if coffee isn't your cup of, well, tea, then you still have to wait for your water to boil, tea to's a lot to go through just for a fresh cup.

But the Keurig Brewing System makes getting that morning - or whenever - drink faster, easier and much more delicious. You've probably seen the futuristic beverage brewer or heard your friends rave about it.

Basically, the system draws water from its reservoir, heats it and pours it through a tiny cup called a K Cup, which has a premeasured amount of coffee that rests in a tiny filter inside the cup. The machine pierces the top of the cup, hot water runs through it and into your cup. Each time you brew, you get one cup of the freshest hot drink of your choice in less than a minute. In the time it takes for you to brew a pot, you can have a couple of cups on hand for anyone who needs it.