Keurig Brewing System: Catch the Buzz!

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You can find great deals when you register your Keurig machine on Keurig.com - that's where members of Club Keurig get discounts on coffee, free samples and more. There has been criticism that the cups aren't environmentally friendly, but it seems convenience has outweighed concern for the environment. The company line is that the cup, the interior filter and aluminum top don't make much of an environmental impact when discarded; however, Keurig is exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact of those cups.

All in all, the Keurig is well worth the price tag. Upon first tasting the coffee, testers wondered why they'd ever drunk the swill that came out of the coffee pot! The coffees sampled were heartier and fresher with a nice roasted taste and didn't have that "oily" tendency that the coffee pot can create. With the variety and convenience of a Keurig drink maker, you can create a taste for anyone, any time of day.