Keurig Brewing System: Catch the Buzz!

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K Cups are available in a ton of varieties - Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Gloria Jean's and other favorite brand names are available in coffee. The Keurig also brews hot tea, partnering with makers such as Celestial Seasonings and Twinings. Other beverages available include apple cider and hot chocolate, and there are even formulas specifically for creating iced teas and coffee.

You can choose the size brewer that works best for you - home versions get as simple or as fancy as you like, with varying sizes of water reservoirs and cup sizes so that you can customize the strength and temperature of your drink. Keurig even offers commercial brewers for offices and other workplaces that hook into a direct water line to offer workers that afternoon pick-me-up without having them resort to the dregs of whatever's been in the pot for the past few hours.

Keurig machines are pricey - the mini version runs about $100 but can be found on sale for a little less. They run up to $200 depending on the features you desire, and K Cups aren't as inexpensive as bulk coffee. Prices vary for multipacks, but an 18-cup box bought at the grocery store costs between $11-14, depending on the variety. The cost online is a little cheaper, with 24 packs ranging from $12-16. Just like ground coffee, the brand you choose tends to determine the price - for example, Starbucks K Cups will be more expensive than Folger's K Cups.