Weighing the Scales

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You need only to visit the section in any department store that displays bathroom scales to discover very quickly that analog scales are becoming dinosaurs. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find an analog scale these days. However, with all of the new scales on the market today, how do you weigh the scales in terms of their performance?

Weighing the Scales

The current digital models of bathroom scales come in a variety of brands, styles and models and are offered by a variety of companies. From $20 to $200, these bathroom scales will offer such features as recording of weight for multiple users, measuring of your body fat and more.

There is one very important note: if you are considering a scale that includes a fat counter, you are going to want to ensure that it is not used by anyone in your home who has a pacemaker or is pregnant (or suspects they might be pregnant). These body fat measurement scales use a small electrical impulse to measure your body fat.

About Body Fat Scales

Before we discuss some of the individual brands there is something else that you should be aware of in regards to body fat scales. There is little evidence that these scales accurately measure your body fat because of all the variables that can affect it. Body fat measurement can be affected by the time of day you are weighing yourself, the amount of water you have had to drink and even by the temperature of your skin.

If you follow most guidelines though and weigh yourself on the same day/time every week, you will find that a body fat scale will at least allow you to determine if you are having success shedding body fat while you are dieting and exercising.