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Sunday, May 31, 2020
This morning, the Virgo moon trines Jupiter and then goes void-of-course. You're exploring big emotions and opportunities. This can be a deeply healing transit, offering a real sense of protection and benevolence even in an adverse situation. Hopefully, you're seeing the gift and real lessons that a situation is trying to teach you.

The moon enters Libra this morning, and the mood gets lighter and more social. You're focusing on your relationships and connections. The moon trines Saturn around midday, bringing a real sense of support and camaraderie.

The moon squares Mercury this afternoon, bringing conversations and a realization surrounding your needs in relationships. There's a need for cooperation, fairness, sensitivity, and honesty to deal with the situation in front of you.

Be honest with yourself about what you need in order to feel secure in your connections and on equal terms with another. Then it will be easier to communicate with others.
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