Daily Reading
Sunday, May 31, 2020

Unexpected events may crop up and nudge you painfully, Sagittarius. You could get the feeling that these thorns are poking out of nowhere simply to annoy you. Maintain a stable attitude and consider adding unconventional aspects to your daily routine. Today's crazy whirlwind of activity could disrupt your emotions a bit. Don't get frustrated by things you can't control?it's already a long list. Best not to dwell on it.

Important planetary aspects of the day:
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Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
Look for the facts in hand rather than images in your mind. ... Read More
Activities that are highly favoured:
Discussing futuristic financial strategies with well-wishers;... Read More
Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the hips; long journeys towards North and Northwest.... Read More
General numerological guidance for the day:
Caution should be the watchword in all that you do today; this... Read More