5 Dangerous Sex Mistakes

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A Kinsey Institute report reveals that nearly 75 percent of people don't check their condoms for tears or holes as they roll them  on. Being careful about opening the condom - not using teeth or allowing nails and jewelry to snag the packaging - is important as well. And once it's ready to be rolled on, nearly four out of 10 condom users admitted to not leaving room at the top. Gently pinch the tip to allow room at the top for ejaculation. When it's time for penetration, lube is your friend when it comes to preventing tiny tissue tears and consequently, STDs. And if you're going to have heterosexual anal sex, it's crucial to clean the penis or replace the condom if having vaginal sex right after. Otherwise, you're risking introducing harmful bacteria to the vagina. And speaking of which, if inserting foreign objects into any orifice, be sure they're clean. Use a special sex toy cleaner to get those clean, and use a condom if using something else to penetrate. This includes even fingers - yes, you must even have clean hands before getting busy!