Strangest Sex Laws in the U.S.

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Sometimes getting busy in new, creative ways is almost so much fun it's illegal – and it is in some states! That's right – the United States has enacted laws that prohibit certain sexual activity. Whether they're ancient laws made for a specific reason that simply stayed on the books or newly made laws, they're still enforceable, so be careful. Here are a few of the strangest laws against nookie that you might find in this great land of ours. Is it your first time at the sex rodeo? Well, you and the rodeo clown better not consummate your relationship in front of the horses. That's right – in Massachusetts, it is illegal to have sex with a rodeo clown when there are horses present. If you live near the airport in Kidderville, N.H., then don't hang your delicates out to dry. Their laws prohibit hanging lingerie on a clothesline near the airport. In other indecent news, it's illegal for men to wear swim trunks only in public – in Hawaii! If you want to don a bathing suit in Kentucky and are of the female persuasion, then you must have a police escort on city streets.