Strangest Sex Laws in the U.S.

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Moving over to the Southwest, things get even stranger because Arizona and Texas are pretty picky about the number of, uh, sex aids you have. In Texas, you can't own more than six dildos, and you're limited to just two in Arizona. Moving out to the Midwest, Iowa has a bit of an oral fixation. Men in Ames are prohibited from taking more than three swigs of beer while in bed with their wives, and throughout the state, it's illegal to kiss for more than five minutes at a time. In Michigan, gonorrhea prohibits you from getting a marriage license. But by far, the sex act that's most prohibited by these seemingly antiquated laws is adultery. In New York, fuggedaboutit. All adultery is illegal. And across the country in California, officials can slap adulterers with a $1,000 fine. And in Bill Clinton's home state of Arkansas, you can be fined a reasonable $20 to $100.