6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Hotter

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Tip #2 - Drapery, the Private Sanctuary

Nothing is going to kill the romantic mood faster than a pair of ogling neighbors (unless you're into that). A sense of privacy is crucial to cultivating a sexy space, so investing in a good set of window treatments will certainly pay off.

Curtains lined with blackout fabric will block out the light completely and reduce street noise, and as an added bonus, they're energy efficient. Alternatively, layered treatments like venetian blinds covered with sheers and topped with floor-to-ceiling curtains will allow you to let in some daylight without sacrificing seclusion. Maintain the overall vision of your bedroom as a whole by matching the drapes to the bedding and decor.

Tip #3 - Lighting, the Mood Setter

While candlelight is perhaps the most popular mode of creating romantic ambiance, relying on it entirely for your lighting needs may kill the spontaneity of the moment. Never depend solely on overhead lighting; it is not flattering and will give your bedroom an institutionalized feel.

Using indirect light from at least three different sources - like floor lamps, wall sconces, and bedside table lamps - will provide some options on the amount of luminance emitted as well as the placement of light sources in the room. Equipping each light with a dimmer gives added control over the softness of the light. When purchasing light bulbs, keep the wattage at 60 or lower and the color temperature around 3000K for a warmer hue.