6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Hotter

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Clear away anything that reminds you of your duties and obligations (work papers, electricity bills, textbooks, etc.) and only keep things that add to the beauty of the room. Also consider placing family photos outside the bedroom. Expelling the television from the room is a good idea. At the very least, hide it from view and firmly keep it in the "off" position. The same goes for cell phones and computers.

Clear away anything overtly girly - like teddy bears, an abundance of pink things, and so on - and try to create a balance between masculine and feminine sensibilities.

Tip #6 - Extras, Making it Personal

Above all else, your bedroom should reflect who you are. By adding your own personal touches, you can create a space that you love to be in, feel sexy in and is sultry enough to share with another:

  • place your favorite flowers in a vase;
  • bring in some sensual foods like strawberries, chocolate pudding, almonds or whipped cream;
  • light some candles scented with lavender or vanilla;
  • put up some erotic artwork or make your own;
  • a well-placed mirror or two can really heighten the experience;
  • serve up some wine to lower inhibitions;
  • playing some seductive music will certainly set the mood, and it will provide a bit of a sound buffer, so create a large playlist ahead of time. Use Pandora or iTunes' Genius for song suggestions based on your tastes;
  • install a lock on the door if there is any chance of being interrupted by unwanted guests;
  • purchasing an extra sofa or chair can add to the possibilities; and
  • keep cozy blankets nearby for the colder months and a fan for warmer days.