8 Ways to Make Your Mouth More Kissable

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Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth can also cause bad breath. Keep the saliva flowing in your mouth by drinking more liquids, especially water, to freshen your breath naturally. A dry mouth breeds germs, which can cause nasty odors.

If your breath seems to smell bad, no matter how you try to remedy it, it could be halitosis. Halitosis is chronic bad breath, and it can be a sign of a serious health condition. Stomach, liver and kidney problems can wreak havoc on your breath, as can bronchitis and diabetes. See your doctor if the bad breath persists.


Ditch the Cigarettes and Booze

Quit the bad habits. Smoking and excessive alcohol drinking can make your breath stinky. Nobody wants to kiss a mouth that smells like an ashtray or a liquor cabinet. In addition, cigarettes and alcohol can do a double-whammy on you by discoloring your teeth.

Tobacco can also cause cancer, canker sores, and tooth and bone loss. If you want to end up with yellow teeth, gum problems and bad breath, say goodbye to a second date. Those are definitely 3 characteristics of an unkissable mouth!