8 Ways to Make Your Mouth More Kissable

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Banish Sweets

Change your diet. Besides the onions and garlic, sugar is a major cause of bad breath. Sugar causes teeth to rot, which isn't sexy when you're going in for the kiss. Although candy and sodas are the biggest offenders, many other unlikely foods may have sugar in them, so check food labels carefully.

Even nutritious foods such as fruits and whole grains can have carbohydrates, which may cause bad breath as well. If you do eat sugary or carb-rich foods, try to brush as soon as possible.

Food with calcium and vitamin C, such as dairy products, citrus fruits and dark leafy vegetables are good for teeth and gums, so try to eat as much of them as possible. Carrots are also good for removing plaque from teeth.

Whiten Up

Besides smelling good, you want your mouth looking good as well. Tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea all can stain you teeth. Teeth whiteners can make your teeth look bright white again. Teeth whitening kits can be bought at your local drugstore and typically consist of strips or gel placed on your teeth.