How to Orgasm without Intercourse

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The initial stage of sexual attraction is the simple act of looking. Noticing someone's general appearance, their hair, size, shape, color, and especially their face is what launches someone's attraction to another.

In the same way that attraction is conceived by looking at one another, partners can also become lusty for one another based solely on visual stimulation.

Try leaving the lights on before you engage your partner and undressing one another slowly so that you can each appreciate the other's body. Wear skimpy underwear and prolong the act of touching one another until neither of you can stand it anymore for maximum arousal.


Touching one another is where things really start to get interesting, but most couples (especially men) skip over certain body parts and go straight for others. What a waste. Every part of our bodies is sensitive to touch. All of our nerves lead back to our spinal cord and then eventually to our brains, where they bundle and send stimulus messages to and fro, creating waves of sensation.