How to Orgasm without Intercourse

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A few hints on what tactics do not make for a sensual kissing experience: slobbering on your partner, stabbing your tongue into your partner's mouth or wiggling it around like an eel, or biting either the bottom or top lip too hard.

Biting your partner's lip gently can be sexy, but if there's a possibility you're going to be leaving bruises, you're probably not doing it right, unless you know for a fact that's what your partner likes.

Remember, kissing, like most sexual activities, isn't taught anywhere, and most people learn it through experience or intuition - and not everyone's experience and intuition are spot-on. If there's something you want that your partner isn't doing, tell him. He'll do it if he knows you like it.

More Touching

When things have gotten too steamy for a simple make-out session, don't overlook the importance of touching. Touching the lower abdomen, buttocks, inside of the thighs all have a powerful stimulation effect.

It's important to be exploratory and gentle, rather than hasty. If you're in a hurry to get to the finish line, doing it without intercourse is probably not the route to go, so don't rush the process.