Let The Body Language Do The Talking

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Body language is usually the first thing someone notices about you - consciously or subconsciously. If you are looking to attract a man or set the right tone on a date, let your body do the talking. You may not think so, but you can use your body language to get what you want. Here's how.

Lean Back - Leaning forward while talking to a man may seem like it will make you look interested when actually it can come off as masculine and aggressive. He may also subconsciously feel as thought he is being chased or trapped. Instead of leaning forward during a conversation, tilt your body backwards. If you are standing, shift your weight subtly so that you appear to be leaning away from him just slightly.

Relax Your Hands - If you find that you're balling your fists or using your hands a lot when talking, try to remember to relax them. Tightened hands, arms and shoulders can make you seem tense or upset. Try to focus on having open palms and loose wrists. If you are holding a glass or fork loosen your grip. These small changes not only make you appear less anxious it can also give off an heir of femininity.

Eye contact - Eye contact is a fundamental part of attracting someone with body language but it must be done carefully. If you stare harshly or lock eyes with a man from across the room you may come off as hunter or too intense. Instead give a quick glance accompanied by a small smile, look away and then look again once more in the same way. This signals that you are interested but are leaving it up to him to initiate contact.