How Much TV Is Too Much For Kids?

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It's no secret that obesity is on the rise. It's also not a surprise why. When I was a child we went out to play when the sun came up and came back in when the sun went down, we played outside and ran around all day. Today kids have so many video games or favorite show that they can literally stay in the house for days. When do people tend to overeat? When they're distracted by something, like TV or video games, they don't watch what they are putting into their mouths. Our kids are too young to be unhealthy and overweight. They are the largest growing segment of the population suffering from obesity. Children are becoming couch potatoes from watching too much television.

Kids need rules for watching TV, and this doesn't exclude in the bedroom. Many kids now have a television in their bedroom. It isn't ok for them to have the TV on all night long just because it is in their room. If you allow your kids to have the TV on as they go to sleep, then put the timer on so it shuts off. Having the TV shut off automatically will ensure they are able to get a good night sleep.

Just as important as how much television a child watches, is WHAT they watch. Just because it's on TV it doesn't mean that it's appropriate for young views, especially some daytime shows and nighttime dramas. Some are inappropriate for children under eighteen. Cable and satellite don't make it any easier to monitor what they watch. On regular television most program don't' show until after 11pm but on cable they can be on all night. Those stations are not regulated like the local channels; therefore as a parent, actively paying attention to what your kids are watching is important.