How Much TV Is Too Much For Kids?

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If you are concerned the kids may be watching shows while you aren't home then you can block certain stations. If you block a channel that show programs you feel are inappropriate for your child's age then they won't be able to view that channel. You can call your local cable or satellite company to find out how to go about doing this with their service. If your kids complain, sit them down and explain why they can't watch the channel. Entering into a healthy discussion about TV programs is important. As your kids age, they can handle heavier subject matter, but that is the decision of the parent.

The TV doesn't have to be an evil addition to the home but it just needs to be kept under control. Children need to be active not sedentary. Parents need to regulate television time for their kids. Instead, go to the park or the zoo. Real life is much more interesting than anything on TV.

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