Product Review: Skincare for Kids

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Kandoo Foaming Hand Wash by Pampers is one of the most popular mainstream pump hand washes for children. The pump format has been found to be more attractive for kids, and from a practical standpoint is much easier for them to use than bar soap. The one drawback of Kandoo is that it's not a very environmentally-friendly product because of the amount of plastic involved in the packaging. Ingredient-wise this is a basic mild soap, with no added moisturizers or special additions.

For families that prefer washes with lots of natural ingredients, Kiss My Face Kids Foaming Hand Wash is a great choice. It contains green tea extract, soothing aloe vera and citrus essential oils that not only smell great, but help get rid of dirt and grime, too.

Body Lotions

Children's body lotions are designed to keep kids' skin feeling soft and smelling yummy all day long. These products should be gentle and natural, using as many non-chemical ingredients as possible.

Just for Kids Body Lotion by Chartreuse is a safe and gentle lotion that's scented with lavender and chamomile. The combination makes for a lovely scent and calming effect.

Baby lotions can be used on kids (and adults) with good results. Choose one that's sheer and non-greasy with a light scent. Weightless Baby Nourishing Lotion by Avalon Baby is one such product. There are many similar natural body lotions for babies and kids available at your local health food store and online.

For kids with dry skin and minor skin irritations, simple, unscented moisturizers containing aloe vera and other soothing ingredients are great. Eucerin and Aquaphor work nicely, even though they're not marketed specifically for children.