Sneaking in Fitness

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Who says you have to sweat it out at the gym to stay in shape? Moms can sneak in fitness just about anywhere even if they have a chaotic household with little ones under foot. Doing activities with your kids is the easiest way to fit some exercise into your schedule. Don't sit on the sidelines, get into the game and have some fun!


Kids of all ages can appreciate a hike in the woods. If you have children between 5 and 8 years of age, suggest that they collect some things that they find along the way. They could start a leaf collection and look up what trees they came from when they get home. Or, if you are a more adventurous parent, let them collect some of the creepy-crawlies on the forest floor for a mini-terrarium.

If you have some knowledge about flora then point out the flowers and plants you come across. For your own health benefit, hiking can burn up to 480 calories per hour, and if you are stooping down to pick things up or walking up a steep incline you'll get an extra workout for your glutes and quads.