Sneaking in Fitness

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Exercising with Baby 

If you have a newborn then you won't be able to do things like take hikes but you can fit small bursts of exercise into your daily routine at home. Every new mom knows that picking up her baby and carrying it around is the epitome of weight lifting.

In fact, this idea is similar to interval training, where you rotate between strength and cardio sessions to increase fat burn. This technique keeps your metabolism revved up without wearing you out because the high energy portions are counterbalanced by the slower strength training parts.

Try to fit in your workout while doing other daily activities. For example, you can tighten your abs just about anywhere. By holding your stomach in for as long as possible you are simulating a standing crunch.

Imagine pulling your bellybutton back to your spine. When you are standing in line at the grocery store or brushing your teeth tighten your abs for 10 seconds and progressively try to increase your holding time up to 1 minute.

Pilates Swimming

When your baby plays, you play too. If you know some Pilates moves, you will find that they are surprisingly similar to some of the positions that your baby gets into when she plays. When your baby is sprawled on her stomach with arms and legs out and up in the air, get on the ground and practice your Pilates swimming form.