iParenting: There's an App for That!

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It used to be that parents were skeptical when it came to their kids using cell phones. The technology seemed too grown up for kids and teens, and the possibilities of them having instant secret communication with their friends sparked concerns about all kinds of trouble.

Today, all that is changing. More and more parents are getting onboard with the emerging technologies offered by cell phone companies. They're realizing that cell phones can help kids stay safe and connected to their families as well as giving them access to fun and entertainment.

Parents themselves also benefit from cell phones and the new information technologies that come with some models. Moms and dads can have access to useful information through handheld Internet access. Best of all they can keep track of their kids' location.

Apple introduced the much-anticipated iphone in 2007. The phone's chic, streamlined appearance and touch screen instantly set the iphone apart from anything else on the market at the time.

Later, Apple introduced third party applications, which soon evolved into the App Store. The App Store allows iphone users to choose from hundreds of thousands of applications that make life easier and more fun.