Make Each of Your Kids Feel Special

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When that first child comes along, it may feel like you couldn't possibly give out the same amount of love to another child. Yet it doesn't take long before you realize that having any other number of children afterwards seems to draw from this reservoir of love that you never knew was there.

For many moms the challenge isn't about being able to love additional children, it is how to make each child feel special. Below are some helpful tips to give your children the individual attention they need to feel special and loved.

The Middle Child Syndrome

It is helpful for parents to know that if they have a middle child, there really is such thing as the middle child syndrome. Middle children can easily feel lost in the shuffle. The oldest child tends to demand more attention because parents tend to have greater expectations of them. There is more work in learning how to parent that first child through every new stage of their development.

The youngest child tends to receive a great deal of attention as well, as they are often thought of as "the baby" of the family. They tend to get more sympathy from parents and many of their antics are viewed as being adorable.