Make Each of Your Kids Feel Special

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It also helps to point out to children what makes them unique and lovable. Children love to hear as well as see love demonstrated in action. When you can identify and point out their potential, strengths and talents, your child will feel special in his or her own right.

Spend Alone Time with Each Child

It is important to spend special time with each of your children. A little one-on-one time with your child can go a long way toward making them feel good about themselves and their relationship with you.

Sometimes it helps to schedule time with each child. Otherwise the busyness of life can keep you from following through. Use this special one-on-one with your child doing something special that particular child will enjoy.

Avoid Comparison and Favoritism

Nothing will diminish a child's self-esteem faster than comparing your children to one another or demonstrating favoritism. When you appreciate and value their differences, you don't use them against your children. It will only make them feel like they can't live up to your standards or the standards of another sibling.