Self-Image and Health: Protecting Our Children

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What are we teaching our children?

In a quote from Health Canada based on a research program for VITALITY the following report was made: "Slimness in western cultures is associated not only with success and sophistication, but with character virtues. Conversely, obesity is the opposite of all these things and, particularly in the case of women, is associated with failure and a collapse of self-discipline."

Self image is tied to several factors, only one of which is body image. Self image is part of self awareness and starts early in childhood, even before speech. As we become adults many tie their self image to such factors as job success, relationships and abilities. Body image - if a person has a negative view of themselves physically - can be one of the most dramatic influences.

Health Canada's findings show that although self image may be subject to change throughout our life, our "fundamental sense of feeling worthy or unworthy (self-esteem) remains relatively stable". This means that it is while children are still young that the most impact is made on their future self image. Creating a safe, nurturing and loving environment can be the greatest protection against negative body image and low self-esteem.

Source: Health Guidance

Nicky Pilkington writes for http://www.healthandfinesse.com.