Surviving Colic

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Aside from the medical interventions here are some things you can do as a parent to try and comfort your little one.
  • burp them often during feedings
  • wrap them snugly in a blanket
  • make use of a swing
  • a relaxing bath if they enjoy bath time
  • a car or stroller ride
  • vibration or sound from washer or dryer
  • rocking them
  • pacifiers
These are just a few suggestions it may take several tries to find something that works for your baby, so be patient and don't give up.

Besides the stress colic puts on a baby it can be just as bad for the parents. Frustration can set in but remember your baby can sense these feelings and in return could make the crying worse. Don't take the crying personally. The crying is not the result of something your doing. During this time you need to take breaks. Mom and dad can switch off taking care of the baby. Utilize friends and family. Believe me it helps. They were a life saver for me. You need to take time away and enjoy a bit of quiet time. Remember this will not last forever and before long you will have a bright-eyed smiling baby on your hands.

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