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Slaws make great, cool sides for casual, fresh dishes. But when they get weighed down with too much fat, they're a diet disaster. Try this tangy, light alternative.

This dill dressing is a diet deal! Tangy and fresh, it's got all the flavor you need to jazz up the same old salad without adding a lot of fat. It works great as a dip, too!

This is a great all-purpose sauce that you don't have to limit to salad. Try it on a baked potato instead of sour cream. It also makes a great raw vegetable dip.

Not just great, but groundbreaking. The Cranberry Spinach salad is both a fruit and veggie delight! Easy to prepare and a real pleasure to eat… truly enjoyable.

This salad is full of color. The Green and Bleu salad is a lemony vinaigrette dressing over a combination of romaine lettuce, green onions, green pepper, cucumber, peas, celery, apple, grapes, and blue cheese.

Mild, but not without great taste! Perfect over spinach or any recipe of mixed salad greens, this dressing goes great with any main entree.

This recipe is boiling hot! Cut a selection of your favorite vegetables and dress them with this delicious sauce-like dressing. Perfect for many casual and not-so-casual occasions.

Do you believe in cheeses? Serve this fashionable dressing on salads or as a dip for raw vegetables. Your stomach will rumble and crumble for this dressing.

Feeling bleu? Then why not mix up a batch of this mind-blowing bleu cheese dressing. From salads to wings, it goes along great with whatever you want.

A vegetable tray just isn't complete without a delicious dressing. Forget those traditional yet tiresome dressings and whip up a batch of this quick and easy sour creamy offering.

This dressing may very well become the taco the town. Made with cumin and jalapenos, it's not exactly short on flavor. Sprinkle over salads or staples.

Quick and tasty this dressing goes perfectly well with any raw vegetables.

This recipe doubles as a salad dressing, slaw dressing or a sandwich spread. It's mayo-based but combined with some great-tasting ingredients.

You don't have to be in France to do as the French do. It's possible to mix up a batch of this homemade dressing in the comfort of your own kitchen. The Roquefort cheese brings home the taste.

The heat is on, especially when it comes to this creamy, dreamy salad dressing. Use it to top just about any fresh greens from Romaine lettuce to spinach salad.

What do you get when you cross chicken livers, oysters, butter, ground beef, ground pork and delicate herbs? A decadent dressing that's inspired by Creole flavoring.

This recipe needs no introduction at all... the ingredients and the preparation speak for themselves. For a dish you'll go nuts over, enjoy this apple cornbread stuffing.

This dressing is sure to be the apple of your eye. It goes great along side your favorite poultry dish. Make it one of your core recipes.

Here's a heavenly dressing you're bound to go nuts over. Almonds toasted in a buttery sauce. Apples. Dried apricots. Need we say more?

Cabbage has earned a stinky reputation, but most people don't realize just how great tasting a cabbage salad can be. The sour cream-based dressing turns it into a tasty delight.

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