The Best Beauty Products Made in America

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If you like more mainstream beauty products, then you can't get any more mainstream than Target, which offers many toiletries and beauty supplies under its own Up & Up label that are made in the United States - check the label to be sure. Merle Norman began in a California kitchen in 1931 and employs 500 people today nationwide. It relies on people who want to start their own small businesses and manufactures all of its cosmetics in the U.S. Finally, Stila is a glam cosmetics company with major star power that keeps things local as well. The company's focus is on giving back, and that includes contributing to American charities and recycling its packaging. Many of the compacts you can buy are refillable, meaning you don't need to buy a new container every time, but if you need to toss a compact, it's made of easily biodegradable materials. Consider the cosmetic companies you purchase from and investigate where they stand on local products.