For Radiant Skin, Get the Red Out

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Does it look like you’re embarrassed when you’re not? Like you’ve spent a day at the beach in the dead of winter? People affected by rosacea - a condition causing facial redness - or who simply have dry, sensitive skin may struggle with ruddy complexions, especially when exposed to certain triggers. Check out our list of what may be causing your rosy complexion and what you can do about it.

Stay away from synthetic fibers. Textiles like polyester and nylon can irritate sensitive skin so make sure bedding, towels, and clothing items that touch your face and/or neck are made of natural, hypoallergenic fibers such as cotton, bamboo or hemp.

Avoid dry environments. In some cases, the cause of dry, red skin may be the climate in which you live or your indoor environment. Avoiding dry weather may be difficult - unless you’re willing to move to a more humid climate. But consider using a humidifier in the home, especially when you run your home’s heater in the wintertime. You can find a humidifier at a hardware or department store, or by simply surfing the net. Some humidifiers have the option to add scented oil, which can make the experience even more pleasant. Consider soothing lavender in the humidifier as you lay down to bed.

Use a calming moisturizer. If you live in a dry climate that is causing dry skin and redness, a moisturizer may help. Look for a light cream that meets your skincare needs. Your dermatologist may be able to recommend a moisturizer that could help target the cause of facial redness.