Brand Alert: Designer Denim You'll Love

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Rock and Republic

The Rock and Republic jeans brand was inspired by rock and roll, and it shows! The line features sleek silhouettes, and is aimed at consumers looking for forward-thinking, edgy designs. The progressive styles are loved by celebrities and fashionistas. Many Rock and Republic styles have unique flares like flecks of silver embedded in the material. Rock and Republic is certainly one of the most fashion-forward denim lines available to consumers, and their price tag and high-end department store availability reflect this.

Diesel Jeans

Diesel is an Italian brand favored by the rock-and-roll crowd. The most lauded Diesel cuts are the skinny jeans made popular by their best customers - hipsters and musicians. Diesel makes a women's line, a men's line, and jeans for boys and girls as well. They are well known for high quality and durability.

Joe's Jeans

Joe's Jeans is another line of designer jeans popular with celebrities and consumers. One thing that sets Joe's Jeans apart from other denim brands is that they are one of the few companies that create a line of petites for women. This makes them a favorite with shorter women everywhere.

Like other designer lines, Joe's uses high-quality materials, focuses on craftsmanship, and offers a comprehensive line of jeans to fit multiple body types. Joe's Jeans have a women's, men's, kids' and maternity line.