Great Ways to Accessorize Your Looks

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Accessories lend a crowning touch to any ensemble. If you're headed into the office in a long unbuttoned cardigan, tunic tank and fitted pants, consider the effect of a skinny belt. It jazzes up your outfit and gives it a completely different look.

Or if you're sporting one of the fall's finest - a faux fur vest - a long necklace gives your outfit the embellishment it needs to go from casual to chic.

All-too-often, accessories get forgotten as we head to the counter with purchases draped over one arm. While we sometimes get distracted by the gems, shades and sequins at the impulse table, they really deserve more attention. After all, accessories are a relatively inexpensive way to add style to any look, even lacking the budget to keep up with New York fashion trends that seem to become obsolete every other week.

Check out some trendy ways to give your everyday outfit the flair it needs to go from average to amazing. A little bit of intentional accessorizing can go a long way.