Choosing Flattering Fitness Wear

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Want to know a great fitness secret that doesn't have to cost a fortune and will hardly make you break a sweat? Choose flattering fitness wear that makes you feel good about the way you look! It seems so simple, but it's true. If you look good and feel comfortable in your work-out clothes, you're way more likely to put it on and head out to the gym, where you can work on your health and fitness goals.

The first thing-after comfort and practicality-to consider when choosing fitness wear, is how well the clothes fit. Too often, people take the easy way out and throw on a ratty old T-shirt and oversized sweatpants for their workouts. While this may get an "A" for comfort, it's not exactly the kind of image that projects body confidence

When shopping for flattering fitness wear, accentuate your best assets. If you've got fabulous legs, don't be afraid to wear short-shorts. If you're happy with your chest, arms, shoulders, décolleté or arms, go for a tank top. Got a nice bum? Try those close-fitting yoga pants. By highlighting the areas you're proud of, you'll be reminded of just how great you look and why you're so excited to hit the gym.

Of course, we've all got a body part or two that we aren't quite as wild about, which is probably why you're in the market for some great workout gear. Instead of fretting about your belly pooch or underarm jiggle, work on finding flattering work-out clothes that downplay these areas.