Choosing Flattering Fitness Wear

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Buy clothes that contain some Spandex or Lycra. Though, you'll want to stay far away from anything that is made of 100% Spandex as it will show any bumps or lumps that might have you feeling a little insecure. A top that contains just a bit of Spandex however, is less likely to travel south while you're working on your Sun Salutations or stretching for aerobics.

Keep it very simple with your bottoms, choosing shorts, pants or capris that are dark, but will pair nicely with a brighter top. The Spandex and Lycra blend rule applies here as well, but be particularly conscious to not buy any pants that are too tight in the crotch. Try on the bottoms before you buy them and move around in the dressing room to ensure you've found exercise pants with a flattering fit.

The key to looking fabulous in your flattering and fashion forward exercise clothes is to change it up with different combinations. You don't need a ton of outfits, just a handful of really well-chosen options. If everything in your exercise wardrobe goes together, you'll always look great at the gym.

If you're truly interested in achieving your fitness goals, do yourself a favor and invest in exercise clothes that are flattering, fashionable and fun. If you like the way you look in your exercise outfits, you'll be more likely to put them on, whether you choose to work out at a big, modern gym, jog in the park, or exercise in your living room to a DVD.